Saturday, 17 November 2012

Betong Trip

Hello. I'm back! I'm sorry to keep you waiting for my updates. I will try my best to blog, but I can't promise anything because my final is around the corner and I still have tons of assignment to complete.. :( Anyway,I'm gonna blog about my 3days 2night Betong, Thailand trip today. I went there with my family last Saturday. Betong is like my second home, I went there for like 6,7 times this year? My parents love Thailand so much. Planing to Go Bangkok next year. Yay! Can't wait for it. I've been told that Bangkok is heaven for shopping, and of course I love Thai food so much! 
Actually nothing much to talk aboout my Betong, the only thing I do in Betong is eat eat and eat! Nonstop eating! *FAT FAT FAT*  Thai Food is just too delicious! 

Lets the photo to do the talk. :)

 I can't connect wifi in the room, so i have to online in the lobby.
 Can't live without my phone...

 found this cute lil dog in the temple
 This is just so beautiful. 

 Bags Model. hahaha

 *PRAYING* Do not disturb

Went back to hotel after praying in the temple. :) 
Chilled in the swimming pool.

Coconut cake. 

That's all for now. Going to pack my stuff to get ready for college and back to "K HELL" I mean KL. LOL. 


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